* Garlic is considered both a vegetable and herb. The most beneficial health effects of eating garlic are by consuming raw freshly crushed garlic. To allow Allicin (the effective component of garlic) to be released and activated from garlic, allow it to sit for approximately 10 minutes before consuming it raw.
*April 19th is national garlic day.
*California grows a majority of commercial common soft neck garlic sold in the US.
*Several heads of garlic were found perfectly preserved in King Tut's tomb!
*Garlic is a member of the Lily family along with onions and shallots.
*It may help repel mosquitoes.
*Crushed and mixed with water then sprayed on rose bushes, garlic may be beneficial in eliminating aphids.
*The average person eats about 2 pounds of garlic each year (about 250-300 bulbs!)

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